Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas has come and gone. It has been a good Christmas, but a sad one at the same time. Our family is changing and next year will definitely be different with Matt and April both being married and our family expanding. It seems to get harder and harder to get the family together each year. I love Christmas and the family time together. I don't have a lot of family to get together with and knowing that things will be different next year, this one was a little sad at the same time. I have to admit that I have shed a tear or two. Now that Christmas is over, it is time to get down to business with the wedding and the rehearsal dinner. I've got to work tomorrow, but am off until next year after that. I know the days will be very busy and I am sure they will fly by.

One last word. Matt and April, I love you both so very much and I am really proud of you both.

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Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful mama!!!